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Who I am. An introduction to the person behind Mrs Humanities

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At a recent Step-Up London event, I had a moment of clarity thanks to the insights of Hannah Wilson FCCT FRSA ACC. She spoke about how we often define ourselves by our job titles, overlooking the qualities and values that truly make us who we are. It struck a chord with me because, for over a decade, my identity has been wrapped up in being a teacher. But now, as I step into the world of curriculum design (alongside part-time teaching), I see it as a chance to reintroduce myself and share with you the person that is behind Mrs Humanities.

Who I am.

I am someone that thrives on purpose and passion, especially when it comes to education. I am fuelled by an enthusiasm for transformative learning and in the belief that education is so much more than an exam grade. I believe in creating intuitive critical thinkers, responsible citizens, and empowered individuals through inquiry-based learning, disciplinary knowledge, and practical skill development. 

I adore curriculum design! When designing curricula, I implement the 'understanding by design' approach, which involves starting at the end by determining the learning outcomes. From which topics, assessments, and classroom instruction originate. In fact, one of my proudest achievements has been the development of a 7-year geography curriculum which was aligned with the principles of the International Baccalaureate. It emphasised interdisciplinary learning, sustainable development and international mindedness. Throughout its implementation, I was proud to witness students' curiosity ignite, their development as lifelong learners and ultimately their success in external examinations. 

As part of my commitment to transformative education, I firmly believe in embedding Education for Sustainable Development (ESD), environmental literacy, and diverse perspectives throughout the curriculum. Thus, helping to prepare students for a rapidly changing, globalised world. 

Beyond the professional realm, I am driven by something deeper: a desire to make a difference. Whether it's collaborating with fellow educators, fostering a sense of community, or simply fuelling curiosity, I'm committed to creating positive change in whatever I do. 

So, if you're passionate about education, and believe in creating positive change, then I invite you to follow Mrs Humanities for educational insights, workload strategies, and a sprinkle of inspiration. 

Let's make the world a better place, one lesson at a time. 

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