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Geography Resources

Coastal Fieldwork Workbook

Help students to plan and conduct coastal fieldwork with this workbook, suitable for IB and A-Level Geography

Describing Routes

Teach your students how to describe routes using a variety of map skills with this 'robbery' themed set of resources.

How did the 2010 earthquake in Haiti impact the development of the country?

Develop data interpretation with this enquiry Lesson for KS3

How will sea level rise impact nuclear energy production in the UK?

Standalone enquiry lesson examining the risk of sea level rise on nuclear powerplants in the UK.

IBDP Geography Core Inquiry Booklets

Inquiry booklets for IB Geography Units 1-3

IBDP Oceans and Coastal Margins Inquiry Booklets

Inquiry booklets for Oceans and Coastal Margins (IB Geography)

IBDP Self-Assessment Sheets

Help IBDP geography students to consider their understanding of each topic with these self-assessment sheets.

Mastering the Foundations

Get students ready for GCSE with this fully resourced unit.

Rainforest Role Play Game

Incorporate role play and decision making into the curriculum with this TRF survival game.

Sustainable Development Goals Unit Workbook

Student workbook for unit on SDGs, includes enquiry questions, learning objectives, formative and summative assessment tasks.

Think like... Speak like... KS3 Edition

Encourage your students to think like a geographer and speak like a geographer.

UK Climate Inquiry

Explore the climate of the UK.

Unit Plan - Closing the Development Gap in Malawi

Develop your students' understanding of global disparities and development strategies with this unit focusing on Malawi.

Unit Plan - Sustainable Development Goals

Unit plan to help teachers deliver a topic on the sustainable development goals.

Welcome to GCSE Geography

Introduce your students to the GCSE course with these ready to go resources.

Zombie Map and Atlas Skills

Teach map and atlas skills through a zombie themed unit.

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