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The Bigger Picture – Observational Fieldwork

This weekend I thought about how I could keep my student engaged in learning for the last week of the school year.

They’ve done their end of year exams, I’m leaving at the end of the week and it’s meant to good weather; so I came up with this Bigger Picture observational fieldwork activity.

Quite simply the activity involves finding the bigger picture of a number of zoomed in images. Once found students map the location of the bigger picture.

It’s great for developing observational skills.

You could quite easily amend this activity so students create the map of the school grounds or students take the photos for another group.

I had originally thought of getting students to draw a field sketch of the bigger pictures but I didn’t feel the school environment was suitable for this.

After running the activity with a group this morning I realised it would also be a great task for introducing year 7’s to map skills.

Hope you like the idea.

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