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Resources – Battle of Hastings Learning Grid

After trying this out in the classroom I’ve realised the potential of discussion. This task helped deepen the thinking of even the lowest ability students. For some I used it as the main task for the lesson and they had to write up their discussion of the links between 3 sets of statements whilst for others it was used as a way of stretching them after having completed a card sort. It worked wonders. I recorded the lower ability students discussion and heard conversations I hadn’t expected. Very proud of them.

This summer I did the one thing I always struggle to do, read a book (or two).  Well in fact I’m still reading them but still… You see it’s not that I don’t enjoy reading, I’ve just always found it difficult to just take the time to sit and read. I’m no good at switching off.

I love research and as a result I’m very much a skim reader. I tend not to read fictional books,  if I do it really has to be something that draws me in to keep my attention (suggestions welcomed).

Anyway I decided to purchase two books this summer, the first a fairytale book crossed with a biography of Britain’s forests called Gossip from the Forest by Sara Maitland. A magical read so far. The second a non-fiction very inspiring book entitled Outstanding Teaching: Engaging Learners by Andy Griffith  and Mark Burns. 

The first thing I’ve…

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