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Resource – The ‘insert topic’ Spinner

After using this this resource The Rainfall Spinner , I’ve decided I need to find other uses for the ‘insert topic’ spinner.

I used the rainfall spinner as part of an observed lesson; it went down well,  meeting the desired ‘active learning’ requirements deemed essential in our school. Very positive feedback 🙂 from both the observer and the kids.

Here are  just 2 examples of the fantastic work produced by year 8 that went on display in the classroom (sorry for the poor photography, it’s not a strong point of mine).

rainfall spinner

Recently I was really pleased to find that my spinner idea had inspired others,

Check out these fantastic Energy Spinners from @misstait_85. Brilliant idea.

I can definitely see the potential for using spinners in other topics within Humanities and across the other subjects.

Now I’m plotting where to use them next…. perhaps year 7 for comparing natural hazards next term.

Suggestions welcomed!

Mrs Humanities
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