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Resource – Rural to Urban Migration in China

This morning I started planning a lesson on rural to urban migration within China for KS3. I decided I wanted them to do mystery card sort and questions in order to work out push and pull factors related to the case study.

However I decided against it and went for an activity whereby they will be creating the resource. The aim of the activity is not just for them to understand the push and pull factors for rural to urban migration in China but to also be able to pick out key information from text, summarise that information and consider the application of the information in order to create a set of relevant questions.

I’m using the Rural to urban Migration – Mind Movie resource form the RGS as the basis of the task. Students are going to use a computer room to create their card and question sheets.


To bring it all together and to assess their understanding the students will have an 8 mark question to answer in which they will come up with the success criteria along with a set of mystery cards from another group of students. UPDATE: this worked incredibly well with the class that made the cards and the class that undertook the activity. The latter class even peer assessed the cards and reflected on the effectiveness and contribution to their learning. Highly recommended. The class that undertook the task now want to make a card sort mystery for the other class. Can’t wait.

What do you think? Done anything similar?

Mrs Humanities
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