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Resource – Filling the Gaps KS3 to GCSE

Updated: Sep 2, 2023


Last year before my former year 9 students were to start their GCSE geography course I felt I should drop the final topic for the summer term and instead focus on filling the gaps.

Reoccurring errors or struggles were arising from a number of low and middle ability students, so I collated a list of them. Using this I set about creating a filling the gaps scheme of work around the key skills and foundation knowledge required for GCSE.

I talked about the filling the gaps SoW here when I posted how I would be getting my students GCSE ready by mastering the foundations.

I thought I’d share the resources with you so you can edit to suit your students and their reoccurring errors or struggles.

Each section is split up into bronze, silver and gold. Students had to complete and master the bronze before they could move up to the following stage.


Each task corresponds with criteria on the learning matrix (shown above) making it easy to assess student’s and identify their successes and areas for improvement. I would simply highlight in one colour the criteria successfully mastered and highlight in another the criteria I felt they should try again.


FinallyEach sub-section end with a self assessment sheet like the one below

self assess.png

To access the resources click here .

I can’t lay claim to all of the resources included, they have been collected, edited and amalgamated over the past 5 years into what you see. If you are the original owner of any of it please let me know and I can either remove it or credit you.

Hope they can be of use.

Mrs Humanities
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