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My Top 3 Geography Resource Sites

Throughout my PGCE and NQT years I spent a great deal of time learning how to teach effectively. During this process a major part involved researching, creating and developing a wide variety of resources. I owe a great deal to the experience of other teachers and there willingness to share their resources with others. r

The resources provided by a large number of the teaching community are essential for new teachers, without inspiration from others I would never have developed my own style of teaching and the array of resources I’ve created as a result. 

Here are my top 3 Geography resource sites to aid the transition into the new academic year. 

1 // Geography Pods I’ve used, adapted and been inspired by many resources on this site. It’s great. It contains a “vast range of dynamic and effective teaching and learning resources suitable for geography students” in Key Stage 3-5. 

Some of my favourites include Landscapes in a Box, Development and the Geography of my Stuff

2 // Radical Geography

On some of those dark and gloomy days when my personal creativity is hiding in the depths of my brain I’ve turned to this site for inspiration. I’ve used the Pop-Up Drainage Basin many a time with great results. Then there’s the illustrative Richter Scale worksheet great for homework for KS3.Then there is the array of Weather and Climate resources that have inspired many a great lesson. 

3 // Staffordshire Learning Net

This site has not been updated for a long time now but there are an array of resources available. I used and adapted many of the resources throughout my PGCE year my particular favourite was Who killed Chico Mendez? A great resource for teaching about Rainforests Ecosystems or Sustainability. 

One final suggestion is Share Geography. This is recent discovery so I’ve not used, adapted or been inspired by any of the resources yet. However there are many ideas on offer, I’m particularly attracted by the ideas for using lego in the classroom entitled LEGO collaboration. I believe it’s another site provided by Tony Cassidy

Do you have any suggestions for other great resource sites for Geography resources? Share them in the comments below. 

Good luck with the new school year (if your not back already).

Mrs Humanities
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