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Classroom Resources – Chalkboard Storage Jars

I like many teachers, spend more time in my classroom than I do my own home so making it inviting is important to me.

One way I’ve done that is by adding my crafty touch through little things like storage jars and pots.

Here’s a tutorial for one of my favourites that I’m sharing as part of the #teacher5aday #digiskillshare.

Chalkboard Storage Jars

To make your own you will need

  1. Chalkboard paint

  2. Sponge Brush

  3. Tape

  4. Clean Jars

  5. Cotton buds (optional)


Step 1. Firstly ensure your glass jar is clean on the outside, dirt can cause the chalkboard paint to crack.

Step 2. Mark out using the tape where you will paint you chalkboard label. Ensure the tape is firmly pressed against the jar, although I used masking tape I’d recommend a strong bonding tape like duct tape as the paint can run underneath. 

step 1

Step 3. Using the sponge brush carefully apply your chalkboard paint to the jar. Be careful of paint running or getting under the tape. If it does run, use the cotton buds to wipe away the paint.

step 2

Step 4. Allow the paint to dry for half an hour to an hour. If your jars need another coat of paint, ensure the bottom coat is dry first (I made the mistake of not ensuring it was completely dry on a few of them and the paint cracked).

Step 5. Once dry remove the tape and fill your jar with pretty things. I even added some washi tape to a few of them for extra colour.


They are really quick and simple to make but add a decorative touch to my classroom. Have a go yourself and share with #teacher5aday on Twitter #digitskillshare

Can you #volunteer a skill this November? Want to #learn a new skill perhaps? You can find out more about the #teacher5aday skill share here and can join in here.

Mrs Humanities
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