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Antarctic Exploration – The Shackleton Vs. Scott Debate

Recently Mr Humanities and I were discussing which was the greater explorer, Scott or Shackleton. Now my money was on Shackleton, fortunately Mr Humanities and I are like peas in a pod and he agreed with me before I’d even started my triumphant speech. It got me thinking though…. this could be a great class activity.

Next time I teach the ‘Exploration and Adventure‘ topic, I’ve decided I’m going to lose a lesson on a modern adventurer and instead teach about both explorers. For homework the pupils will then compare and contrast the expeditions, discoveries and achievements of both parties in preparation for a debate lesson.

I remember studying both Scott and Shackleton briefly at University. It sparked an interest and I wish there’d been greater opportunity to study their expeditions and achievements in greater detail. Now is the time to further expand that knowledge. So with today being the birthday of Ernst Shackleton, here are some useful links to support the teaching of their historic adventures.

Ernst Shackleton BBC Biography

Shackleton Epic – An Australian site with lots of interesting information and a variety of teaching resources.

Shackleton in Schools – Interesting site with a small array of resources mostly aimed at KS1 and 2, the links page is particularly useful.

Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure  – resources to accompany the film with the same title.

Robert Falcon Scott BBC Biography

Scott’s Last Expedition – New Zealand based website with lots of relevant information to support teaching

Captain Scott’s Journey – Resources to about the environment and experiences of Scott’s team during the Race to the South Pole.

Captain Scott of the Antarctic  – Teaching resources of the expedition

Other Resources BBC – What makes a modern hero? – a possible way to introduce the two explorers, discussion could take place around what do pupils think makes a modern hero/adventurer/explorer?

Antarctic Heroes – Plenty of information and resources from another New Zealand based website – particularly useful for looking at the lives of explorers whilst on expeditions to Antarctica.

Scott Polar Research Institute – An interesting site with an array of polar research that could be relevant to the classroom

RGS Resources on Antarctica – Resources for KS1-2 which could be adapted for KS3, particularly low ability students.

Education Through Expeditions – a website I’ve recently discovered for a “non-profit organisation with a vision to inspire young people to learn more about the world around them and provide resources which can enhance the way environmental education is delivered in the classroom.”

Hope these are of use.

Mrs Humanities
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