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Share a Resource

I was asked yesterday if I knew of any sites or drop boxes for resources, the question was vague and made me wonder was it so they could share resources or find resources.

Once the answer was established this made me think about ways of sharing subject specific resources.  In particular I wondered about sharing resources for the new GCSE in Geography and History since so many of us will be starting from scratch and what’s the point in duplication?

So I set up a Dropbox for sharing resources,  however I’ve just seen that Toni Cassidy and Alan Parkinson have had a similar idea and introduced #geogshare along with a dropbox. I highly recommend using this.

Instead the dropbox I’ve created will be for resources for Humanities – including resources for Geography, History, RE and Citizenship both KS3 and KS4. You can share your resources on twitter as well using #sharearesource

Ideally resources will be suited to the teaching of the new GCSE in the named subject but if you have something that would be useful to share, please do. *

You will need to be added to the dropbox to be able to contribute, feel free to DM on twitter or email me.

*please ensure you only share what you own the copyright of, do not share any paid for resources.

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