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Resource – Yr7 Tropical Rainforest SoW

This week I was thinking about a lot of the resources I’ve developed over the last two years in my previous role as Head of Humanities. Since I won’t be needing many of them in my new role and school thought I’d start sharing the full schemes of work I’ve put together.


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During Key Stage 3, students covered one extreme environment each year in Geography starting with the Tropical Rainforest. The TRF was ideal for year 7 as some have had some knowledge of it already from primary school which meant they could begin to see success from the beginning of the topic but found they were challenged to develop their understanding as we went through the topic. This was evidenced by the Before and After Topic Review. 

before and after

[Download the edittable review sheets – Topic Review Before and Topic Review After]

Now these resources have been created with a range of abilities and needs in mind. Not all the resources are mind own, they’ve been collected from a variety of sources over the last 4 years and adapted to suit my classes and teaching style. So if you see anything of yours originally please let me know and I’ll add credit where it’s due (or remove if you’d prefer).

Here’s a basic outline of the topic…

scheme of work outline tropical rainforests

To access the resources click here 

Hope they are of help to you.

Kind regards

Mrs Humanities

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