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Pass the Buck – Group Reading Technique

Since Christmas one of the things I’ve been focusing on along side independent learning is encouraging more reading aloud in lessons. It’s something I’ve done every now and then in the past and has included reading textbooks, resources and student’s work.

However I find that many students in Humanities lack enthusiasm when it comes to reading aloud in class. Pass the Buck is one method I’ve introduced to work on this.

pass the buck reading

Forfeits should never be a sanction, at first my students wanted to set detentions but later realised they could have some fun with it. They’ve got students to teach what has already been read, make them read a full paragraph in a silly voice, questioned them on the prior paragraphs and so on. It’s become a challenge for them to catch people out.

One class has even started playing games within the activity to keep everyone on their toes by yo-yoing back and forth and when they think someone may have lost track passing to them unexpectedly.

It’s certainly improved student engagement in whole class or group reading.

Hope it’s a useful idea.

Mrs Humanities

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