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Homework Points


Last year I trialled numerous homework approaches with KS3 from booklets to takeaway homework. It was a fair bit of trial and error. The most successful were the booklets, however they required a great deal of printing; also many of my students really enjoyed creative homework especially those that involved model making.

This slideshow requires JavaScript. After much deliberation I’ve decided this year to use a points menu, since we had numerous issues with the takeaway homework method but I liked the menu approach. I feel giving pupils choice in their learning, develops a sense of responsibility. I also like homework to foster a sense of curiosity so try to encourage further research or activities that allow my learners to develop their own interest in an aspect of the topic.

Homework Points Menu

Quite simply students will be given a variety of options and have to choose enough of the options to equate to the designated number of points. In the first term it’s 120 since it’s an 8 week term, I will then adjust the points target accordingly dependent on the length of the term.

Each student will have a copy of the menu stuck into their books at the start of the topic. Each time they hand a piece in they will sign off the homework choice on their menu and glue it into their books (if possible).  Students will be able to hand the homework in at any point throughout the term but must ensure all homework is submitted before last week.



Update on successes (or failures) to follow.

Do you use choice menus? How effective have they been for you?

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