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Are You Stressed? By @ASTSupportAAli

A great post; reflective and helpful.

It is said that Teaching is one of the most stressful professions in the UK at the very least. According to the Health and Safety Executive, teaching and education professions report around 2,310 cases of work-related stress for every 100,000 employees each year with only nursing having a worse record.

Around 55% of Teachers in state schools have had at least one period of sick leave. (Ref.)

Many new initiatives and promises are made by the Government and Schools to address the illusive work life balance issue and  teachers are encouraged to free themselves from the shackles of continual care and pressure. We all know it isn’t as easy as that!

But, how? How do we manage? 

  1. Is it because we finish at 3pm everyday?

  2. We never have to work weekends?

  3. Have so many holidays?

  4. We just kick the naughty kids out?

I think not… anybody…

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