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Are you MAD?! – Using An Assessment Idea by @Mroberts90Matt

I saw a similar technique recently on another blog… but this MAD idea might be more effective to start DIRT off with. Pupils could write down the comments then improve work or respond to feedback. Plus if it saves me time… then it’s a win!

I mentioned this idea for marking in my last post of NQT Resolutions as a tool to help me keep on top of the amount of marking a teacher has to do. At the time of posting I had been given permission to try it out by my Headteacher (something I felt I had to do as an NQT) and actually marked a couple of sets of books using the technique. However, it had not yet been put in front of the biggest critics (the kids) and I had not yet seen if it would benefit them. Since then I have found great success with it and even a mention in my first NQT Observation done by my Headteacher – please read on if you want to save literally hours of time a week!

How are you getting feedback across to your children?

The Idea

I would start straight away…

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